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Innov-X XRF Import Guard

XRF Import Guard

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XRF Analytical

Innov-X XRF Lead in Paint

XRF Lead in Paint


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About the Innov-X XRF Analyzer

The Innov-X tube-based Alpha Series™ takes on-site environmental metals analysis to a new level. It features a miniature, rugged X-ray tube. The Alpha Series™ provides reliable analysis on RCRA, Priority Pollutant metals and other elements in soils, liquids, coatings, etc. Meets EPA Method 6200 for metals in soils, NIOSH Method 7702 for lead in air filters, OSHA Methods OSS1 and OSA1 for lead in surface wipes and air filters.

Introduction to XRF Analyzers

Here is the basic theory of how our Innov-X XRF rental instruments can detect elemental metals: High energy x-ray photons are emitted from an X-ray tube source and strike the sample. The photos from the X-ray tube have ample energy to knock electrons out of the innermost orbital of atoms in the sample. Electrons seek stability and the lowest possible energy state. Therefore, a more energetic electron from an outer orbital will move into the newly vacant space in the inner orbital.

This electron needs to release its excess energy as it drops down to fill the vacancy in the inner shell. The released energy is given off as a photon which can be detected by an X-ray detector. The energy of the emitted energy is equal to the difference in energies between the two orbitals and is characteristic of the specific element which is fluorescing.

Our XRF rental instruments can be an invaluable tool in many applications, such as Environmental, RoHS Compliance Screening, Alloys, Mining, Forensics, and more!

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