ION Science GasClam 2

Continuous Soil/Ground Gas Monitor

Ion Science’s GasClam 2 is a continuous in-borehole ground gas monitoring system designed for unattended collection of long-term real-trend ground gas data. It features continuous gas monitoring (methane, carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen sulfide, and VOC), and atmospheric borehole pressure monitoring, with configurable logging intervals. It may be provided with continuous power for extended deployments or may be battery-powered for deployment over 3 months (depending on logging frequency).

Ion Science’s GasClam 2 features continuous gas monitoring of methane, carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen sulphide and VOC, as well continuous atmospheric borehole pressure and monitoring, all with configurable logging intervals. The GasClam 2 may use external power or can be battery operated for deployment over three months (relative to logging frequency).

The GasClam 2 continuously measures and collects ground gas concentration data as well as influencing parameters such as subsurface pressure and atmospheric pressure, collectively providing a fuller picture of what is happening than what can be provided through spot measurement. By observing the process controlling the ground gas regime it can be predicted how it will change in the future.

The GasClam 2 provides multiple financial benefits. Fewer site visits by a field engineer are required and a reduced overall length of monitoring programs allows legislative data requirements to be met quicker. Finally, the largest savings may be realized by avoiding over-engineered monitoring solutions.

ION Science GasClam 2 Features

Key Features

  • Continuous gas monitoring of methane, carbon dioxide, oxygen, hydrogen sulphide and VOC with configurable logging intervals.
  • Continuous atmospheric borehole pressure and monitoring with configurable logging intervals.
  • Battery powered for deployment over 3 months (relative to logging frequency)
  • External power option for extended deployment.
  • Intrinsically safe for use in explosive atmospheres.
  • Discrete installation.

Key Benefits

  • Optimized site management with insight from continuous monitoring.
  • Improved site characterization and event flagging

Ease of Use

  • Fits in standard 50 mm/2" borehole
  • Reduces number of site visits
  • PC software to download and analyze data.

ION Science GasClam 2

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ION Science GasClam 2 Accessories

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  • Cart
  • Price
  • 25030RS232 Communication Cable
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  • 25031Push Button Control
  • Order
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  • 25109Moisture Filter Section Cover - Long
  • Order
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  • 25033Rubber Collar
  • Order
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  • 25062Charger NiMH ECH 1.1
  • Order
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  • 25065Re-chargeable Battery Pack
  • Order
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  • A-25083GasClam Accessory Kit
  • Order
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  • A-25066O-Ring (Filter sect bott + batt comp) pack of 5
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  • A-25067O-Ring (Filter section top) pack of 5
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  • A-25064GasClam Snorkel Assembly
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  • A-25114Moisture Filter Pack of 3 (From 2012 onwards)
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