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RKI Gas Tracer

Confined Space Monitor and Low ppm Leak Detector

Much more then just a confined space monitor, the Gas Tracer is a versatile instrument with up to 5 sensors and useful for many applications from low ppm Methane leak tracking to gas line purge testing.

RKI's Gas Tracer is a compact, handheld, confined space monitor which can monitor with up to 3 different types of combustible sensors for increased applications like leak detection. In addition to the Standard %LEL, CO, and O2 sensors for confined space monitoring, the Gas Tracer can also be outfitted with a MOS Methane sensor capable of reading down to 10 ppm, and a thermal conductivity sensor for reading up to 100% volume Methane. This combination of sensor types in one small handheld unit make the Gas Tracer extremely versatile for multiple applications from gas line purge testing to the detection of small gas leaks.

What sets the Gas Tracer apart from other confined space monitors is the added capabilities of its CH4 leak tracker mode. In this mode an escalating audio and visual signal amplifies with Methane concentration to make sure you can zero in on small leaks. This is made possible by the Gas Tracer's MOS catalytic sensor which features a Methane range of 0 to 5000 ppm with a 10 ppm resolution.

In addition to the leak tracker mode and the ability to measure up to 100% volume CH4, the Gas Tracer also features a barhole test mode and many other high end features. Current readings are displayed on a large, backlit, LCD screen and alarms are indicated audibly, visually, and by vibration. Datalogging is standard and up to 600 hours of data including alarm trends can be stored for later download to a PC. The Gas Tracer also features a strong internal pump, is both dust and water resistane, and is rated intrinsically safe. Every Gas tracer comes with a 2 year warranty.

RKI Gas Tracer Ranges

Methane - Catalytic Sensor 0 to 100 %LEL
Methane - Thermal Conductivity Sensor 0 to 100 %volume
Methane - MOS Catalytic Sensor 0 to 5,000 ppm
Oxygen 0 to 40 %volume
H2S 0 to 100 ppm
CO 0 to 500 ppm

RKI Gas Tracer Ordering Instructions

The Gas Tracer is available below configured with either 3, 4, or 5 sensors. All models include an LEL sensor, O2 sensor, and the MOS sensor for low ppm Methane leak tracking. 4 sensor models add either the 100% volume Methane or CO sensor, and 5 sensor models contain all available sensors. Each model can be ordered with an alkaline battery pack or with an optional rechargeable battery.

Calibration kits are also available below.

RKI Gas Tracer

  • Part Number/Description
  • Cart
  • Price
  • 72-0291-59-AGas Tracer 3 sensor1, LEL/CH4 ppm/O2, alkaline battery pack2
  • Order
  • $1,245.00
  • 72-0291-59-FGas Tracer 3 sensor1, LEL/CH4 ppm/O2, rechargable battery pack3
  • Order
  • $1,365.00
  • 72-0291-64-AGas Tracer 4 sensor1, LEL/CH4 ppm/O2/CO, alkaline battery pack2
  • Order
  • $1,295.00
  • 72-0291-64-FGas Tracer 4 sensor1, LEL/CH4 ppm/O2/CO, rechargable battery pack3
  • Order
  • $1,415.00
  • 72-0291-65-AGas Tracer 4 sensor1, LEL/CH4 ppm/CH4 % volume/O2, alkaline battery pack2
  • Order
  • $1,345.00
  • 72-0291-65-FGas Tracer 4 sensor1, LEL/CH4 ppm/CH4 % volume/O2, rechargable battery pack3
  • Order
  • $1,465.00
  • 72-0291-69-AGas Tracer 5 sensor1, LEL/CH4 ppm/CH4 % volume/O2/CO, alkaline battery pack2
  • Order
  • $1,395.00
  • 72-0291-69-FGas Tracer 5 sensor1, LEL/CH4 ppm/CH4 % volume/O2/CO, rechargable battery pack3
  • Order
  • $1,515.00

RKI Gas Tracer Calibration Kits

  • Part Number/Description
  • Cart
  • Price
  • 81-GT64-DLVCalibration kit12 for Gas Tracer without 100% volume Methane sensor
  • Order
  • $565.00
  • 81-GT69Calibration kit13 for Gas Tracer with 100% volume Methane sensor
  • Order
  • $1,085.00

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