RKI GX-2012

Confined Space Monitor

The GX-2012 is a compact confined space monitor capable of being outfitted with a 5th sensor for measuring % volume Methane in addtion to % LEL. Other advanced features include on demand datalogging, a large LCD display, and multiple ease of use features.

RKI's GX-2012 is a compact confined space monitor capable of measuring up to 4 gases simultaneously. With the addition of a 5th sensor, Methane readings can dynamically switch between % LEL and % volume. Designed for versatility, the GX-2012 features two operating modes for either standard confined space monitoring or bar hole mode, a strong internal pump capable of drawing up to 50', and advanced datalogging.

The GX-2012 is the suggested replacement for the GX-2003.

Two power options are available, standard alkaline or a Li-Ion rechargeable battery. Runtimes of up to 15 hours can be achieved with standard alkalines, and up to 10 hours with the rechargeable battery. A convienient pump pause feature allows the user to pause the pump without shutting down the instrument to conservere battery life. Li-Ion models come with a dual charger for use with a standard AC outlet or in a vehicle.

Both traditional datalogging and the new snap datalogging feature come standard. Snap datalogging allows the user to record data at a specific time on demand, traditional datalogging runs continuously. Every GX-2009 comes standard with enough memory to store 600 readings and alarm trends.

The large backlit LCD display is viewable under any conditions and the controls are easy to operate with gloves. The GX-2012 comes with a 2 year warranty and features an extremely rugged design resistant to impacts, dust, and water while weighing only 12.3 ounces.

Calibration Station Now Available

The new GX-2012 allows easy calibration, bump testing, and charging. Although the calibration station can be connected to a PC, it is perfectly capable as a stand alone unit and includes a flash drive for storing calibration, bump test, and alarm trend data for later review or archiving. Up to 10 charging stations can be linked together for simultaneously managing an entire fleet of GX-2012 detectors.

RKI GX-2012 Ranges

Combustible Gases 0 to 100 %LEL
Methane (CH4) 0 to 100 %volume
Oxygen 0 to 40 %volume
H2S 0 to 100 ppm
CO 0 to 500 ppm

RKI GX-2012 Confined Space Multi Gas Monitor

  • Part Number/Description
  • Price
  • 72-0290-01-AGX-2012 single gas1, LEL, alkaline battery pack2
  • $845.00
  • 72-0290-01-FGX-2012 single gas1, LEL, Li-Ion with dual charger3
  • $1,065.00
  • 72-0290-02-AGX-2012 single gas1, O2, alkaline battery pack2
  • $845.00
  • 72-0290-02-FGX-2012 single gas1, O2, Li-Ion with dual charger3
  • $1,065.00
  • 72-0290-03-AGX-2012 single gas1, H2S, alkaline battery pack2
  • $845.00
  • 72-0290-03-FGX-2012 single gas1, H2S, Li-Ion with dual charger3
  • $1,065.00
  • 72-0290-04-AGX-2012 single gas1, CO, alkaline battery pack2
  • $845.00
  • 72-0290-04-FGX-2012 single gas1, CO, Li-Ion with dual charger3
  • $1,065.00
  • 72-0290-08-AGX-2012 two gas1, LEL/O2, alkaline battery pack2
  • $895.00
  • 72-0290-08-FGX-2012 two gas1, LEL/O2, Li-Ion with dual charger3
  • $1,115.00
  • 72-0290-09-AGX-2012 two gas1, LEL/H2S, alkaline battery pack2
  • $895.00
  • 72-0290-09-FGX-2012 two gas1, LEL/H2S, Li-Ion with dual charger3
  • $1,115.00
  • 72-0290-10-AGX-2012 two gas1, LEL/CO, alkaline battery pack2
  • $895.00
  • 72-0290-10-FGX-2012 two gas1, LEL/CO, Li-Ion with dual charger3
  • $10,815.50
  • 72-0290-11-AGX-2012 two gas1, LEL/CH4, alkaline battery pack2
  • $945.00
  • 72-0290-11-FGX-2012 two gas1, LEL/CH4, Li-Ion with dual charger3
  • $1,165.00
  • 72-0290-12-AGX-2012 two gas1, O2/CO, alkaline battery pack2
  • $895.00
  • 72-0290-12-FGX-2012 two gas1, O2/CO, Li-Ion with dual charger3
  • $1,115.00
  • 72-0290-16-AGX-2012 three gas1, LEL/O2/H2S, alkaline battery pack2
  • $945.00
  • 72-0290-16-FGX-2012 three gas1, LEL/O2/H2S, Li-Ion with dual charger3
  • $1,165.00
  • 72-0290-17-AGX-2012 three gas1, LEL/O2/CO, alkaline battery pack2
  • $945.00
  • 72-0290-17-FGX-2012 three gas1, LEL/O2/CO, Li-Ion with dual charger3
  • $1,165.00
  • 72-0290-18-AGX-2012 three gas1, LEL/CH4/O2, alkaline battery pack2
  • $995.00
  • 72-0290-18-FGX-2012 three gas1, LEL/CH4/O2, Li-Ion with dual charger3
  • $1,215.00
  • 72-0290-19-AGX-2012 three gas1, LEL/CH4/CO, alkaline battery pack2
  • $995.00
  • 72-0290-19-FGX-2012 three gas1, LEL/CH4/CO, Li-Ion with dual charger3
  • $1,215.00
  • 72-0290-22-AGX-2012 four gas1, LEL/O2/H2S/CO, alkaline battery pack2
  • $995.00
  • 72-0290-22-FGX-2012 four gas1, LEL/O2/H2S/CO, Li-Ion with dual charger3
  • $1,215.00
  • 72-0290-23-AGX-2012 four gas1, LEL/CH4/O2/CO, alkaline battery pack2
  • $1,045.00
  • 72-0290-23-FGX-2012 four gas1, LEL/CH4/O2/CO, Li-Ion with dual charger3
  • $1,265.00
  • 72-0290-24-AGX-2012 four gas1, LEL/CH4/O2/H2S, alkaline battery pack2
  • $1,045.00
  • 72-0290-24-FGX-2012 four gas1, LEL/CH4/O2/H2S, Li-Ion with dual charger3
  • $1,265.00
  • 72-0290-27-AGX-2012 five gas1, LEL/CH4/O2/H2S/CO, alkaline battery pack2
  • $1,095.00
  • 72-0290-27-FGX-2012 five gas1, LEL/CH4/O2/H2S/CO, Li-Ion with dual charger3
  • $1,315.00

RKI GX-2012 Calibration Kits

  • Part Number/Description
  • Price
  • 81-GX03COCalibration kit with on demand regulator1
    CO/CH4/O2 in 103L cylinder
  • $535.00
  • 81-GX03CO-DLVCalibration kit with on demand regulator1
    CO/CH4/O2 in 34L cylinder for GX-2012
  • $410.00
  • 81-GX03CO-LVCalibration kit with standard regulator2
    CO/CH4/O2 in 34L cylinder
  • $185.00
  • 81-GX03HSCOCalibration kit with on demand regulator1
    H2S/CO/CH4/O2 in 58L cylinder
  • $580.00
  • 81-GX03HSCO-DLVCalibration kit with on demand regulator1
    H2S/CO/CH4/O2 in 34L cylinder
  • $520.00
  • 81-GX03HSCO-LVCalibration kit with standard regulator2
    H2S/CO/CH4/O2 in 34L cylinder
  • $395.00
  • 81-GX03VCO-LVCalibration kit with standard regulator2
    CO/CH4/O2 in 34L cylinder and 100% CH4 in 58L cylinder
  • $400.00
  • 81-GX03VHSCOCalibration kit with on demand regulator1
    H2S/CO/CH4/O2 in 58L cylinder and 100% CH4 in 58L cylinder
  • $720.00
  • 81-GX03VHSCO-LVCalibration kit with standard regulator2
    H2S/CO/CH4/O2 in 58L cylinder and 100% CH4 in 34L cylinder
  • $535.00
  • 81-GX03VHSCODLVCalibration kit with on demand regulator1
    H2S/CO/CH4/O2 in 34L cylinder and 100% CH4 in 58L cylinder
  • $660.00

RKI GX-2012 Calibration Stations

  • Part Number/Description
  • Price
  • 81-SDM2012-01Calibration station1 for GX-2012, station only2
  • $1,300.00
  • 81-SDM2012-02Calibration station1 for GX-2012, with regulator3
  • $1,580.00
  • 81-SDM2012-03Calibration station1 for GX-2012, with regulator and gas4
  • $1,820.00
  • 81-SDM2012-04Calibration station1 for GX-2012, with 2 regulators and gas4
  • $1,960.00

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