RKI GX-2009

Personal 4 Gas Monitor

RKI’s GX-2009 personal four gas monitor is extremely small and light-weight. It can fit in the palm of a hand and weighs only 4.6 ounces. Features three-side audible/visual alarm and simultaneously monitors LEL, O2, H2S and CO.

RKI Instruments’ GX-2009 is a palm sized, lightweight 4 gas monitor, simultaneously monitoring LEL, O2, H2S, and CO. It weighs only 4 ounces and fits comfortably in the palm of your hand (2.75″ x 2.95″ x 0.98″). User notification is achieved through led arrays on three sides of the instrument, dual audible alarms, and vibration, insuring that alarms are noticed in any conditions.

The GX-2009 handheld gas monitor features autocalibration with calibration lockout and reminder controls, STEL and TWA readings, peak hold, and a large LCD with automatic backlight for review of readings. Operation is accomplished through two large glow-in-the dark buttons which can be comfortably through gloves.

Calibration Station

The optional calibration station for the GX-2009, the SDM-2009, allows for quick and easy calibration, charging, and bump testing. In addition to its ability to operate as a stand alone calibration station, the SDM-2009 can be connected to a PC for automatic calibration and archiving of measurement data along with calibration/bump test records. Up to 10 SDM-2009 stations can be networked together for simultaneously calibrating and maintaining an entire fleet of GX-2009 4 gas detectors.

Designed for use in the field and harsh environments, the GX-2009 features an IP-67 waterproof, crushproof, and impact-resistant design and a RFI shielded rubber over molded body. All GX-2009 devices come standard with enough memory to store 3,600 data points (10-300 hours of data depending on settings). Up to 100 calibration records and eight alarm trend events can also be stored using the included Windows data management and transfer software. The GX-2009 is powered by two internal NiMH batteries. On a three-hour full charge the GX-2009 remains operational through 20 hours of use, or 14 hours of use after a 90 minute quick charge. The GX-2009 is backed by a two-year manufacturer’s warranty on materials and workmanship.

Sample Drawing Pump Now Available

The new RP-2009 is a motorized sampling pump the attaches to the GX-2009 transforming the world's smallest 4 gas meter from a diffusion operation instrument to a sample drawing instrument. The powerful pump is capable of running for 8 hours from a single AA battery. The RP-2009 doesn't require any tools to attach to a GX-2009. It simply snaps into place and is ready to use.

GX-2009 Features

  • Simultaneous monitors LEL, O2, H2S, and CO
  • Datalogging standard
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Dual audible alarms and vibration
  • Bright visual LED alarms on three sides of device
  • Calibration lock out and reminder controls
  • STEL and TWA readouts
  • Operates by two large, glove friendly, glow in the dark buttons
  • Automatic backlighting during alarm conditions
  • Large LCD display screen
  • Impact resistant over-mold body, RFI shielded body
  • 2 NiMH batteries provide 20 hours of runtime (14 after quick charge)
  • IP-67 waterproof and dustproof design. Impact resistant.
  • Intrinsically safe
  • 2 year warranty

RKI GX-2009 Ordering Instructions

GX-2009 personal gas monitors are available in many combinations up to all four gases with an AC charger, DC charger, or without a charger for use with the multiple monitor charging stations listed under accessories.

Confined space accessory kits, calibration kits, and other accessories are also available. Confined space accessory kits add a carrying case, either a hand aspirator or battery operated pump, 10' of hose, a calibration cap, and are available with or without calibration kits.

RKI GX-2009 4 Gas Personal Monitor

  • Part Number/Description
  • Price
  • 72-0300RKGX-2009 single gas1, LEL, no charger
  • $470.00
  • 72-0300RKCGX-2009 single gas1, LEL, 115 VAC charger
  • $520.00
  • 72-0300RKAGX-2009 single gas1, LEL, 12 VDC charger
  • $535.00
  • 72-0302RKCGX-2009 single gas1, H2S, 115 VAC charger
  • $520.00
  • 72-0304RKGX-2009 two gas1, LEL, O2, no charger
  • $495.00
  • 72-0304RKCGX-2009 two gas1, LEL, O2, 115 VAC charger
  • $545.00
  • 72-0304RKAGX-2009 two gas1, LEL, O2, 12 VDC charger
  • $560.00
  • 72-0305RKGX-2009 two gas1, O2, H2S, no charger
  • $495.00
  • 72-0305RKCGX-2009 two gas1, O2, H2S, 115 VAC charger
  • $545.00
  • 72-0305RKAGX-2009 two gas1, O2, H2S, 12 VDC charger
  • $560.00
  • 72-0306RKGX-2009 two gas1, O2, CO, no charger
  • $495.00
  • 72-0306RKCGX-2009 two gas1, O2, CO, 115 VAC charger
  • $545.00
  • 72-0306RKAGX-2009 two gas1, O2, CO, 12 VDC charger
  • $560.00
  • 72-0307RKGX-2009 two gas1, LEL, H2S, no charger
  • $495.00
  • 72-0307RKCGX-2009 two gas1, LEL, H2S, 115 VAC charger
  • $545.00
  • 72-0307RKAGX-2009 two gas1, LEL, H2S, 12 VDC charger
  • $560.00
  • 72-0308RKGX-2009 two gas1, LEL, CO, no charger
  • $495.00
  • 72-0308RKCGX-2009 two gas1, LEL, CO, 115 VAC charger
  • $545.00
  • 72-0308RKAGX-2009 two gas1, LEL, CO, 12 VDC charger
  • $560.00
  • 72-0309RKGX-2009 two gas1, H2S, CO, no charger
  • $495.00
  • 72-0309RKCGX-2009 two gas1, H2S, CO, 115 VAC charger
  • $545.00
  • 72-0309RKAGX-2009 two gas1, H2S, CO, 12 VDC charger
  • $560.00
  • 72-0310RKGX-2009 three gas1, LEL, O2, H2S, no charger
  • $520.00
  • 72-0310RKCGX-2009 three gas1, LEL, O2, H2S 115 VAC charger
  • $570.00
  • 72-0310RKAGX-2009 three gas1, LEL, O2, H2S, 12 VDC charger
  • $585.00
  • 72-0311RKGX-2009 three gas1, LEL, O2, CO, no charger
  • $520.00
  • 72-0311RKCGX-2009 three gas1, LEL, O2, CO 115 VAC charger
  • $570.00
  • 72-0311RKAGX-2009 three gas1, LEL, O2, CO, 12 VDC charger
  • $585.00
  • 72-0312RKGX-2009 three gas1, LEL, H2S, CO, no charger
  • $520.00
  • 72-0312RKCGX-2009 three gas1, LEL, H2S, CO 115 VAC charger
  • $570.00
  • 72-0312RKAGX-2009 three gas1, LEL, H2S, CO, 12 VDC charger
  • $585.00
  • 72-0313RKGX-2009 three gas1, O2, H2S, CO, no charger
  • $520.00
  • 72-0313RKCGX-2009 three gas1, O2, H2S, CO 115 VAC charger
  • $570.00
  • 72-0313RKAGX-2009 three gas1, O2, H2S, CO, 12 VDC charger
  • $585.00
  • 72-0314RKGX-2009 four gas1, LEL, O2, H2S, CO, no charger
  • $545.00
  • 72-0314RKCGX-2009 four gas1, LEL, O2, H2S, CO 115 VAC charger
  • $595.00
  • 72-0314RKAGX-2009 four gas1, LEL, O2, H2S, CO, 12 VDC charger
  • $610.00

RKI GX-2009 Sample Drawing Pump

  • Part Number/Description
  • Price
  • 81-1176RKRP-2009 pump1 for GX-2009 with 4″ rubber nipple
  • $360.00
  • 81-1177RKRP-2009 pump1 for GX-2009 with 4″ rubber nipple, 10′ hose, and probe
  • $420.00
  • 81-1177RK-20RP-2009 pump1 for GX-2009 with 4″ rubber nipple, 20′ hose, and probe
  • $425.00

RKI GX-2009 Confined Space Accessory Kits

  • Part Number/Description
  • Price
  • 81-2100RKConfined space kit12 for GX-2009 with hand aspirator
  • $150.00
  • 81-2123RKConfined space kit12 for GX-2009 with calibration kit3 with hand aspirator
  • $560.00
  • 81-2120RKAConfined space kit12 for GX-2009 with RP-2009 pump
  • $480.00
  • 81-2124RKAConfined space kit12 for GX-2009 with calibration kit3 with RP-2009 pump
  • $800.00

RKI GX-2009 4 Gas Personal Monitor Calibration Kits

  • Part Number/Description
  • Price
  • 81-GX01COCalibration kit1 for GX-2009, 103L CH4/CO/O2
  • $395.00
  • 81-GX01HCOIB-LVCalibration kit1 for GX-2009, 58L Isobutane/H2S/CO/O2
  • $385.00
  • 81-GX01HSCOCalibration kit1 for GX-2009, 58L CH4/H2S/CO/O2
  • $440.00
  • 81-GX01HSCO-LVCalibration kit1 for GX-2009, 34L CH4/H2S/CO/O2
  • $380.00
  • 81-GX01CO-LVCalibration kit1 for GX-2009, 34L CH4/CO/O2
  • $270.00
  • 81-GX01HSO2-LVCalibration kit1 for GX-2009, 34L H2S
  • $285.00

RKI GX-2009 Calibration Stations

  • Part Number/Description
  • Price
  • 81-SDM2009-01Calibration station12 for GX-2009
  • $1,300.00
  • 81-SDM2009-02Calibration station13 for GX-2009 with on demand regulator
  • $1,580.00
  • 81-SDM2009-06Calibration station1 for GX-2009 with on demand regulator and 34L 4 gas mix4
  • $1,745.00
  • 81-SDM2009-03Calibration station1 for GX-2009 with on demand regulator and 58L 4 gas mix4
  • $1,820.00

RKI GX-2009 4 Gas Personal Monitor Accessories

  • Part Number/Description
  • Price
  • 20-0112RK-01Carrying case for GX-2009 and accessories
  • $62.00
  • 20-0112RK-02Carrying case for GX-2009, accessories, calibration kit, and aspirator
  • $160.00
  • 20-0320RKCarrying case for GX-2009, camera style
  • $25.00
  • 49-2170RK-01Charging station for GX-2009, 1 instrument, 115–230 VAC
  • $85.00
  • 49-2171RKCharging station for GX-2009, 1 instrument, 12 VDC
  • $90.00
  • 49-2170RK-02Charging station for GX-2009, 2 instruments, 115–230 VAC
  • $160.00
  • 49-2170RK-03Charging station for GX-2009, 3 instruments, 115–230 VAC
  • $235.00
  • 49-2170RK-04Charging station for GX-2009, 4 instruments, 115–230 VAC
  • $310.00
  • 49-2170RK-05Charging station for GX-2009, 5 instruments, 115–230 VAC
  • $385.00
  • 81-1160RKHand aspirator1 for GX-2009, 10′ hose
  • $95.00
  • 81-1160RK-20Hand aspirator1 for GX-2009, 20′ hose
  • $97.00

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