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Pumping System Inertial Pumps

Featured Waterra inerial pumps include Standard Flow Pumps (D-25, SS-19, D-16, SS-16), our most popular system; High Flow Pumps (D-32, SS-32) for deep well sampling; Low Flow Pumps (D-13, SS-13) for piezometer sampling; and a Micro Flow Pump (SS-10) for micro well usage.

Standard Flow Pumps

Standard flow footvalves are the most commonly ordered Waterra inertial pumps. A footvalve and 5/8 inch OD high density polyethelene (low density polyethelene and teflon can also be used) tubing are all that is required to form a basic inertial pump system. They work well in 2 inch wells up to depths of about 150 feet, and can also be used in various environments and well sizes, providing flow rates up to 1 GPM. The 1 inch DelrinT standard flow footvalve is the one most commonly ordered. We also have the DelrinT standard flow footvalve in a 0.625 inch diameter, and stainless steel versions in both 0.75 inch and 0.625 inch diameters. Combined with a Waterra surge block, they can also be used for well development. We also carry Waterra inertial pump actuators to assist with pumping.

High Flow Pumps: Deep Well Sampling

High flow flootvalves are commonly used in wells 2 inches and larger when a higher flow rate is desired. Like all the Waterra footvalves, all that is required to form a complete inertial voc sampling system is the footvalve and tubing. These footvalves use 1 inch OD tubing, usually high density polyethelene. High flow footvalves are also useful as a well development tool for 2 inch piezometers when combined with an appropriate Waterra surge block. High flow footvalves come in stainless steel or DelrinT with a diameter of 1.25 inches. Waterra high flow footvalves can pump to depths up to 300 feet and provide flow rates up to 4 GPM. These footvalves are also compatible with Waterra inertial pump actuators.

Low Flow Pumps: Piezometer Sampling

Appropriate for smaller diameter piezometers, typically 1" to 0.75", Waterra low flow footvalves can lift from up to 100 feet and provide flow rates of about 0.5 GPM. These footvalves combined with HDPE, LDPE, or teflon 0.5 inch OD tubing, form a complete inertial pump system. Waterra low flow footvalves are also useful in damaged or partially obstructed wells due to their small size. They are also good for use in poor recharge or low head level situations as the smaller diameter tubing contains less volume and decreases the risk of running the well dry before the sample gets delivered to the surface.

Micro Flow Pumps: Micro Well Usage

Waterra micro flow footvalves are commonly used in direct push applications. Along with 0.375 inch OD tubing, the very small 0.375 inch stainless steel footvalves forms the smallest inertial pumping system available. This system can deliver samples from as deep as 75 feet with flow rates usually less then 0.5 GPM. Like the Waterra low flow footvalves they are also useful in damaged wells were no other sampling system could fit.

Waterra Pump and Tubing Systems

  • Part Number/Description
  • Price

Standard Flow Tubing required

  • 0.625HDPE-1001/2″ ID x 5/8″ OD, HDPE tubing, 100′ roll
  • $56.00

Foot Valve required

  • D-25Footvalve, standard flow, DelrinT, 1″ (25mm) O.D.
  • $7.95
  • D-16Footvalve, standard flow, DelrinT, 0.625″ (16mm) O.D.
  • $8.95
  • SS-19Footvalve, standard flow, stainless steel, 0.75″ (19mm) O.D.
  • $52.50
  • SS-16Footvalve, standard flow, stainless steel, 0.625″ (16mm) O.D.
  • $19.95

Surge Blocks optional, used for well development

  • SBD-25Surge block, standard flow, DelrinT, 1.875″ O.D.
  • $11.95
  • SBD-25-WSurge block, standard flow, DelrinT, 3.75″ O.D.
  • $21.75


  • WLP-100Manual Lever Pump
  • $475.00
  • WHLP-IIHydrolift-2 (up to maximum effective depth)
  • $2,495.00
  • WPP-IIPowerPump-2 (up to maximum effective depth)
  • $3,995.00

High Flow Tubing required

  • 1.0HDPE-1000.814″ ID x 1.0″ OD, HDPE tubing, 100′ roll
  • $112.00

Foot Valve required

  • D-32Footvalve, high flow, DelrinT, 1.25″ (32mm) O.D.
  • $26.95
  • SS-32Footvalve, high flow, stainless steel, 1.25? (32mm) O.D.
  • $88.50

Surge Blocks optional, used for well development

  • SBD-32Surge block, high flow, DelrinT, 1.875″ O.D.
  • $11.95
  • SBD-32-W4Surge block, high flow, DelrinT, 3.75″ O.D.
  • $21.75


  • WLP-100Manual Lever Pump
  • $475.00
  • WHLP-IIHydrolift-2 (up to 150′ depth)
  • $2,495.00
  • WPP-IIPowerPump-2 (up to maxiumum effective depth)
  • $3,995.00

Low Flow Tubing required

  • 0.5HDPE-1003/8″ ID x 1/2″ OD, HDPE tubing, 100′ roll
  • $42.00

Low Flow Foot Valve required

  • D-13Footvalve, low flow, DelrinT, 0.5″ (13mm) O.D.
  • $8.95
  • SS-13Footvalve, low flow, stainless steel, 0.5″ (13mm) O.D.
  • $19.95


  • WLP-100Manual Lever Pump
  • $475.00
  • WHLP-IIHydrolift-2 (up to maximum effective depth)
  • $2,495.00

Micro Flow Tubing required

  • 0.375HDPE-1000.25″ ID x 0.375″ OD, HDPE tubing, 100′ roll
  • $34.00

Micro Flow Foot Valve required

  • SS-10Footvalve, micro flow, stainless steel, 0.375″ (10mm) O.D.
  • $19.95

Waterra Accessories

  • Part Number/Description
  • Price
  • WVW-1Valve wrench, DelrinT
  • $5.50
  • WTC-1Tubing cutter
  • $18.50

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