YSI Manuals & Software

Download manuals and software for 36 YSI models including the 33 S-C-T, 600OMS, 600XL/600XLM, 6600, 6820/6920 V2, EcoSense EC30A, EcoSense ODO200, EcoSense ORP15A, EcoSense pH10A, EXO2, Level Scout, Model 30, Model 55, and Model 55, and more. If you need manuals, software, or assistance with equipment rented or purchased from Equipco and have not found what you need, please call 1-888-234-5678.


YSI 33 S-C-T

Conductivity/Temp Meter - 12, 25, or 50 Foot Cable


Water Quality Sonde with Flow Cell

YSI 600XL/600XLM

Water Quality Sonde with Flow Cell

YSI 6600

Water Quality Sonde with Flow Cell

YSI 6820/6920 V2

Water Quality Sonde with Flow Cell

YSI EcoSense 9300 and 9500

Handheld Photometer/Colorimeter

YSI EcoSense DO200A

Handheld DO Meter

YSI EcoSense EC300A

Handheld Conductivity Meter

YSI EcoSense EC30A

Handheld Conductivity Meter

YSI EcoSense ODO200

Handheld Optical DO Meter

YSI EcoSense ORP15A

Pen Style ORP Meter

YSI EcoSense pH100A

Handheld pH Meter

YSI EcoSense pH10A

Pen Style pH Meter


Multiparameter Sonde

YSI Level Scout

Water Level Datalogger

YSI Model 30

Handheld Conductivity Meter

YSI Model 3100 and 3200

Laboratory Conductivity Meter

YSI Model 5000 and 5100

Laboratory DO Meter

YSI Model 55

Handheld DO Meter

YSI Model 550A

Handheld DO Meter

YSI Model 556 MPS

Handheld Multiparameter Water Quality Meter

YSI Model 58

Portable Benchtop DO Meter

YSI Model 60

Handheld pH Meter

YSI Model 63

Handheld pH and Conductivity Meter

YSI Model 85

DO/Conductivity/Temp Meter - 10 or 50 Foot Cable

YSI Model 95

Extended Range DO/Temp Meter - 10 or 25 Foot Cable

YSI Pro10

Handheld pH or ORP Meter

YSI Pro1020

Handheld DO and pH or ORP Meter

YSI Pro1030

Handheld Conductivity and pH or ORP meter

YSI Pro20

Handheld DO Meter

YSI Pro2030

Handheld DO and Conductivity Meter

YSI Pro30

Handheld Conductivity Meter


Handheld Multiparameter Water Quality Meter

YSI Professional Plus

Handheld Multiparameter Water Quality Meter


Handheld Optical DO Meter

YSI ProSolo

Handheld Multiparameter Water Quality Meter

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  • 600XL/600XLM
  • 6600
  • 6820/6920 V2
  • EcoSense EC30A
  • EcoSense ODO200
  • EcoSense ORP15A
  • EcoSense pH10A
  • EXO2
  • Level Scout
  • Model 30
  • Model 55
  • Model 556 MPS
  • Model 60
  • Model 63
  • Model 85
  • Model 95
  • Pro1020
  • Pro1030
  • Pro2030
  • Pro30
  • ProDSS
  • ProODO
  • ProSolo
  • EcoSense 9300 and 9500
  • EcoSense DO200A
  • EcoSense EC300A
  • EcoSense pH100A
  • Model 3100 and 3200
  • Model 5000 and 5100
  • Model 550A
  • Model 58
  • Pro10
  • Pro20
  • Professional Plus
  • 600 OMS
  • 600XL
  • 600XLM
  • 600 XL
  • 600 XLM
  • 6820
  • 6920
  • EcoSense EC30 A
  • EC-30A
  • EC-30 A
  • EC 30 A
  • Eco Sense
  • ODO 200
  • EcoSense ORP 15A
  • ORP 15 A
  • ORP-15A
  • EcoSense ORP 15
  • ORP-15
  • EcoSense PH 10A
  • PH 10 A
  • PH-10A
  • EcoSense PH 10
  • PH-10
  • Levelscout
  • 30M
  • 30-M
  • 30 M
  • 55D
  • 55-D
  • 55 D
  • Pro 1020
  • Pro 1030
  • Pro 2030
  • Pro-2030
  • Pro 30
  • Pro DSS
  • Pro ODO
  • prosolo odo optical dissolved oxygen meter
  • Pro Solo

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Whether you need calibration standards, tubing, or other supplies like gloves and labels, we stock everything you need to finish the job. Our high quality field supplies, including NIST traceable calibration solutions and gases, come at significant savings over manufacturer brands.

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RKI Eagle 2

Multiple Gas Monitor

RKI’s Eagle 2 is an advanced portable gas detector capable of monitoring up to six sensors simultaneously including a PID. 16 different sensors are available providing for hundreds of configuration possibilities.

Landtec GEM5000

Landfill Gas Analyzer

The GEM5000 is the latest in the line of Landtec's GEM landfill gas analyzers. Now lighter, smaller, more accurate, and with an improved user interface, the only instrument you need to take into the field just got even better.

Levelogger 5

Water Level Datalogger

Advanced and durable, the Levelogger Edge is the latest water level datalogger from Solinst. An all new sensor design manages to achieve excellent accuracy while being more robust then previous models and remaining economical.

RAE MiniRAE 3000

Handheld PID Monitor

RAE Systems PIDs are known worldwide for their incredible reliability, accuracy, and features. The MiniRAE 3000 is the latest flagship model featuring the widest range of any handheld PID available and built in correction factors for over 200 compounds.

MultiRAE Series

Multiple Threat Monitor

The MultiRAE Series of handheld gas detectors includes three models for detection of up to six threats simultaneously. Choose from 25 toxic sensors, 3 PID sensors with a 9.8 eV lamp option, and even a gamma radiation sensor.

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