Introduction to En Core® Soil Samplers

Purchase En Core Soil Sampling Equipment

  • En Core Sampler is a Single Use device. It cannot be cleaned and/or reused.
  • En Core Sampler is designed to store soil. Do not use En Core Sampler to store solvent or free product!
  • En Core Sampler must be used with En Core® T-Handle and/or En Core® Extrusion Tool exclusively. (Sold separately.)

Using The En Core® T-Handle

Before Taking Sample:

  • Hold coring body and push plunger rod down until small o-ring rests against tabs. This will assure that plunger moves freely.
  • Depress locking lever on En Core T-Handle. Place coring body, plunger end first, into open end of T-Handle, aligning the (2) slots on the coring body with the (2) locking pins in the T-Handle. Twist coring body clockwise to lock pins in slots. Check to ensure Sampler is locked in place. Sampler is ready for use.

Taking Sample:

  • Turn T-Handle with T-up and coring body down. This positions plunger bottom flush with bottom of coring body (ensure that plunger bottom is in position). Using T-Handle, push Sampler into soil until coring body is completely full. When full, small o-ring will be centered in T-Handle viewing hole. Remove Sampler from soil. Wipe excess soil from coring body exterior.
  • Cap coring body while it is still on T-handle. Push cap over flat area of ridge. Push and twist cap to lock arm in place. Cap must be seated to seal sampler (see diagram below).

Preparing Sampler for Shipment:

  • Remove the capped Sampler by depressing locking lever on T-Handle while twisting and pulling Sampler from T-Handle.
  • Lock plunger by rotating extended plunger rod fully counterclockwise until wings rest firmly against tabs (see plunger diagram).
  • Attach completed tear-off label (from En Core Sampler bag) to cap on coring body.
  • Return full En Core Sampler to zipper bag. Seal bag and put on ice.

Using The En Core® Extrusion Tool

CAUTION! Always use the Extrusion Tool to extrude soil from the En Core Sampler. If the Extrusion Tool is not used, the Sampler may fragment, causing injury.

  • To attach En Core Sampler to En Core Extrusion Tool: Depress locking lever on Extrusion Tool and place Sampler, plunger end first, into open end of Extrusion Tool, aligning slots on coring body with pins in Extrusion Tool. Turn coring body clockwise until it locks into place. Release locking lever.
  • Rotate and gently push Extrusion Tool plunger knob clockwise until plunger slides over wings of coring body. (When properly positioned plunger will not rotate further.)
  • Hold Extrusion Tool with capped Sampler pointed upward so soil does not fall out when cap is removed. Remove cap from Sampler by rotating cap until locking arms are aligned with the flat area of ridge and pull cap off. To release soil core push down on plunger knob of En Core Extrusion Tool. Remove and properly dispose of En Core Sampler.

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