Horiba W-20XD Series

Multiparameter Water Quality System

Horiba’s W-20XD series water quality monitoring system features advanced sensors which support continuous monitoring while offering high precision and simultaneous measurement of up to 13 parameters. Includes W-22XD and W-23XD.

Horiba’s W-20XD series water quality monitoring system features advanced high-precision sensors which are ideal for use in pressurized conditions. W-20XD supports simultaneous measurements of as many as 13 parameters, including pH (option), DO (option), conductivity, salinity, TDS, seawater specific gravity, temperature, turbidity, depth, and ORP (option). The W-20XD series includes the W-22XD and the W-23XD which supports optional ion sensors and is capable of measurement at depths up to 100 meters.

The W-20XD system is optimal for measuring water quality in a wide range of saltwater or freshwater applications. Sensor electronics are housed in a 47 mm probe and are suitable for operation in pressurized conditions. It is compatible with GPS and data retrieval options for easy data management on a PC. Parameter range, resolution, and accuracy information is included in the specifications sheet.

W-20XD probes have enough memory to store data from up to one month of continuous monitoring at 15 minute intervals. Because memory is stored in the sensor probe, it can be deployed without cables and the control unit for independent monitoring. The W-22XD sensor probe includes a depth sensor, conductivity-temperature-turbidity sensors, and optional replaceable DO and pH/ORP sensors. The W-23XD sensor probe includes a depth sensor, conductivity-temperature-turbidity sensors, optional replaceable DO and pH/ORP sensors, and support for replaceable ion sensors. Optional sensors for use with the W-23XD include nitrate ion, calcium ion, fluoride ion, potassium ion, and ammonia. Cables are available in 2, 10, 30, 60, and 100 meters. Additional probes for other applications are available. A W-20XD system includes a control unit, any desired probes, and cable.

The W-20XD series includes the W-22XD and the W-23XD.
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W-20XD Series Features

  • Simultaneous monitoring of up to 13 parameters
  • Support for a range of optional ion sensors (W-23XD)
  • Use in a wide range of salt or fresh water bodies
  • Sensor probe has memory for up to one month of data at 15 minute intervals
  • Deploy sensor probe for measurement without control unit or cables
  • Compatible with GPS and data retrieval options
  • Manage retrieved data through PC
  • Measure at depths up to 100 meters (W-23XD)

W-20XD Series Comparison

Comparison of Horiba W-22XD and Horiba W-23XD

Feature W-22XD W-23XD
pH accessory accessory
Dissolved Oxygen (DO) accessory accessory
Total Dissolved Solids (TDS)
Seawater Specific Gravity
Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) accessory accessory
Data Logging
100m depth mess.  
Optional Sensors: Nitrate ion, Calcium ion, Chloride ion, Fluoride ion, Potassium ion, Ammonia   accessory

W-22XD and W23XD

Purchase a set and a cable for a complete kit

  • Part Number/Description
  • Price
  • 3014043163W-22XD set1, Cable Not Included
  • $4,300.00 $4,080.00
  • 3014043165W-23XD set1, Cable Not Included
  • $6,100.00 $5,795.00

W-22XD and W-23XD Cables

  • Part Number/Description
  • Price
  • 30140079102 meter cable for W-22XD/23XD, W002CS
  • $454.00 $425.00
  • 301400791210 meter cable for W-22XD/23XD, W010CS
  • $551.00 $515.00
  • 301400791430 meter cable for W-22XD/23XD, W030CS
  • $798.00 $750.00
  • 301402205860 meter cable for W-22XD/23XD, W060CS
  • $1,250.00 $1,180.00
  • 3014007916100 meter cable for W-22XD/23XD, W100CS
  • $1,900.00 $1,800.00

ION Sensors for W-23XD

  • Part Number/Description
  • Price
  • 3014050863Nitrate Ion Sensor
  • $346.00
  • 3014050860Chloride Ion Sensor
  • $346.00
  • 3014050861Calcium Ion Sensor
  • $346.00
  • 3014050859Fluroide Ion Sensor
  • $998.00
  • 3014050862Potassium Ion Sensor
  • $346.00
  • 3014050864Ammonia Ion Sensor
  • $346.00
  • 3014068364Nitrate Cartridge
  • $316.00
  • 3014093436Chloride Cartridge
  • $316.00
  • 3014068795Calcium Cartridge
  • $316.00
  • 3014069795Potassium Cartridge
  • $316.00
  • 3014093438Fluoride Cartridge
  • $567.00
  • 3014001155Ammonia membranes 6/pkg
  • $170.00

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