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Backed by our unlimited customer support and free training, our large inventory of XRF rentals provide cost effective regulatory compliance and environmental monitoring in a wide range of applications and industries. Our XRF analyzers are available for next day delivery and come with free support from our experienced technicians.


Featuring Thermo Scientific Niton Xl5 Plus XRF Rental Instruments

Our XRF Analyzers include the latest from Thermo Scientific featuring top of the line accuracy, response times, and detection limits. All Thermo Scientific Niton XL5 Plus XRF rental and Olympus Vanta XRF rental units come with dual hot swappable batteries allowing you to keep working without having to turn the instrument off. The large color LCD touchscreen provides easy operation with any of our eight application options. In addition, the rental of these advanced XRF Analyzers comes with our Best Rate Guarantee.

  • Two hot swap batteries with every rental
  • Easy to use, no training or certification required
  • Fast testing provides more results in less time

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Environmental Soil Analysis

XRF Rentals with Soil Mode

Handheld XRF technology has revolutionized environmental testing for the presence of metal pollutants in soil, dust wipes, and surfaces by allowing quick and accurate onsite analysis even at low ppm levels.

Our Olympus XRF rentals with soil mode can measure the levels of over 25 different toxic metals in soil samples or other surfaces in seconds. The EPA recommends portable XRF Analysis, and our Olympus Vanta XRF Analyzers are EPA Method 6200 compliant.

Alloy Analysis

XRF Rentals with Alloy Mode

XRF technology is capable of analyzing alloys or pure metals in seconds and is the fastest method for sorting, grading, or identifying. Portable XRF Analyzers allow large quanitities of alloys and pure metals to be sorted quickly and efficiently.

Our XRF rentals are very easy to use, simply point and shoot for detailed information about the alloy or metal in question. No training is required due to Olympus's SmartSort analysis which automatically adjusts the instrument. All Olympus Vanta XRF rental instruments with alloy mode also feature built in tramp libraries, an industry first for portable XRF Analyzers.

Lead Paint Analysis

XRF Rentals with Lead Paint Mode

An XRF analyzer is the fastest and most accurate means to determine lead content in paint or any surface. This technique is useful in both commercial applications and is HUD approved for residential testing.

We carry HUD approved XRF rentals with lead paint mode that present clear pass/fail results to the user within seconds. These analyzers are capable of quickly screening almost any type of surface and are excellent for either surveying or performing a highly accurate analysis. No training or certification is required.

Mining and Metallurgical Processing

XRF Rentals with Mining Mode

Able to greatly improve efficiency in mines and metallurgical processing plants, handheld XRF analyzers remove the need for laboratory analysis by providing on the spot analysis of blast hole samples, assisting with exploration or process control, detecting metals onsite, and much more.

Our Olympus Vanta XRF rental instruments can be configured for various different applications and are capable of accurately measuring many different metals down to very low levels. They are easy to use and require little to no training. Our experienced application engineers are always available to help with your project.

Consumer Product Testing

XRF Rentals with Consumer Product Testing Mode

XRF analyzers are the most cost effective way to test consumer products for dangerous materials in accordance with various regulations including CPSIA, CPSC, HR404, EN71-3, and ASTM Method F2617-08. They are easy to use, non destructive, and require little to no training while providing documented regulatory conformance.

Olympus Vanta XRF rental instruments provide rapid analysis allowing you to quickly screen large quantities of products without disassembly. These analyzers are used by multiple governement agencies due to their accuracy, ease of use, and fast response times. Utilizing a simple point and shoot interface, Vanta XRF analyzers automatically give easy to understand pass/fail results while measuring levels of Pb, Br, Hg, Cd, and many other metals.

RoHS Testing

XRF Rentals with RoHS Mode

Handheld XRF analyzers allow quick screening of circuit boards, connectors, and various parts for conformance with ROHS, WEEE, Pb-free, and other regulations.

Our Olympus Vanta XRF rental instruments are capable of scanning almost any part and provide clear pass/fail results within seconds. Capable of accurately measuring Pb, Cr, Cd, Br, Hg, and more, these analyzers come preconfigured for the regulation you are testing for compliance with.

Precious Metals

XRF Rentals with Precious Metals Mode

Our XRF Rentals, now with Precious metals mode, allow you to quickly confirm and sort precious metal content including karating, and fineness. with applications for jewelry to scrap, portable XRF analyzers are the fastest way to determine precious metal content non destructively.

These analyzers can detect 26 different precious metals and include useful features like a plating alert.

Coating Thickness

XRF Rentals with Coating Thickness Mode

Non destructive metallic coating thickness measurements using XRF technology are now possible in the field. The Olympus Vanta handheld XRF with coating thickness mode can measure the thickness of up to three individual coating layers, on any substrate, in seconds.

24 different coating materials are currently available including common corrosion inhibitors like Zinc, Nickel, and Chromium.

Rare Earth Metals

XRF Rentals with Rare Earth Metals Mode

Rare earth metals measurements using XRF technology are now possible in the field. The Thermo Scientific Niton XL5 handheld XRF with rare earth metals mode can quickly and accurately measure rare earth metals from scandium (Sc), yttrium (Y) and the lanthanide series of elements.

Why Rent XRF Analyzers From EQUIPCO?

  • Best Rate Guaranteed
    We will beat any competitor's quote while never sacrificing our industry leading customer service.
  • You Are Never Charged Rent During Transport
    Whether equipment is on its way to you or back to us, rent starts the day you start using the equipment and ends the day you stop.
  • Reliable and Advanced Rental Equipment
    We carry the latest Olympus Vanta Series XRF Analyzers featuring modern XRF technology that is more responsive, sensitive, and faster then ever before.
  • Unlimited Support and Training
    Our experienced technicians are always a phone call away and will work diligently with you to provide answers for any questions or problems. Hands on training is also available for individuals and large groups.

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