Solinst Levelogger Edge

Water Level Datalogger

The Solinst Levelogger Edge water level datalogger features a robust sensor and new titanium based coating providing improved corrosion resistance, stability, temperature compensation, and thermal response time.

The Levelogger Edge temperature and water level datalogger features a new Hastelloy pressure sensor and a titanium based PVD coating adding increased corrosion resistance and even greater stability over a wide range of temperature and pressure conditions. The Hastelloy sensor features the same excellent 0.05 % of full scale accuracy of previous leveloggers while being more robust, able to withstand 2 times over the rated depth without sustaining permanent damage. The temperature compensated range has been improved to 32–122 °F, and the barologger can now make temperature corrected pressure readings down to 14 °F. Thermal response time has increased to 1 minute for every 18 °F change, allowing temperature readings and compensation to stabilize quickly.

NEW The DataGrabber accessory allows you to directly download data from a levelogger to a USB thumbdrive for later analysis (direct read cable or DataGrabber optical adapter required)

The Levelogger Edge water level datalogger can store up to 40,000 readings in various logging modes including linear, event and user schedules with future start, future stop, repeat, pause, and real time views. Using a special compression mode, the levelogger edge can store up to 120,000 readings. Logging intervals can be set as low as 0.125/second, and can run for up to 10 years (based on 1 reading per second intervals) from its lithium battery. The Levelogger Edge inherits SDI-12 compatibility, faraday cage design protecting against electrical surges and lighting, a durable maintenance free enclosure, and small dimensions (7/8″ x 6.25″). Weight has also been reduced to only 4.6 oz.

Along with the improvements to the Levelogger water level datalogger, Solinst has improved the PC software. It now allows barometric compensation on multiple data files simultaneously, increased levelogger programming options, and many user interface design improvements. The USB optical reader's communication speed has also been increased to 38,400 bps.

In addition to the PC software included with every Levelogger communication kit, a handheld instrument, the Solinst Leveloader, is also available to view data.

The Barologger Edge features all the improvements to the Levelogger Edge and increased accuracy over previous Barologger versions. Using a Barologger is the easiest and most accurate way to compensate for atmospheric pressure fluctuations in your data. One Barologger can be used to compensate the data for every levelogger in a 20 mile radius (for every 1000 ft change in elevation).

A Solinst Rainlogger allows you to add precipitation data to levelogger deployments for the correlation of rainfall events and water level data.

Solinst has also redesigned the Levelogger well caps for use with either suspension wire or direct read installations. Every well cap now has two direct read ports (one for a levelogger, and one for an optional barologger), a eyelet for suspension wires, a vent to allow the equalization of barometric pressure within the well, and can be secured using a lock.

Levelogger Edge Features

  • Memory for up to 120,000 level and temperature readings
  • Self-Test Diagnostic Utility
  • Stainless steel construction with Titanium based PVD coating
  • Able to withstand up to 2x rated depth without damage
  • Fast thermal response
  • Direct read or suspension wire deployment options
  • Increased thermal compensation temperature range
  • Durable, water-tight and maintenance free design
  • Cellular or radio telemetry options available, SDI-12 compatibility
  • 10 year battery life at 1 reading per minute

Solinst Levelogger Edge Ordering Instructions

A complete Levelogger Edge water level datalogger system consists of a levelogger, a deployment solution, and a communications kit.

For each Levelogger you wish to deploy you must choose either a direct read cable or a suspension wire of appropriate length as a deployment solution. Direct read cables allow you to download data from the Levelogger without removing it, suspension wires require you to bring it to the surface.

Atmospheric pressure compensation can be provided by a Barologger. You only need 1 Barologger for every levelogger in a 20 mile radius, or 1000 ft difference in elevation.

Communication kits are available in both USB and RS232 serial versions and include everything you need to program and download data from any number of leveloggers. A basic communication kit is required for programming and downloading data from the levelogger, direct read communication kits contain everything in the standard kit and a cable for connecting to direct read deployments. In addition to the communication options, the DataGrabber and App Interface are also available for quick and easy downloads in the field.

Locking well caps for 2" wells and adapters for 4" wells that support either direct read or suspension wire deployment solutions are available. Levelogger well caps have direct read ports for both a levelogger and a barologger.

Solinst Levelogger Edge

  • Part Number/Description
  • Price
  • 110023Levelogger Edge1, M5/F15, 15 ft3
  • $592.00 $562.40
  • 110180Levelogger Edge1, M10/F30, 30 ft3
  • $592.00 $562.40
  • 110182Levelogger Edge1, M20/F65, 65 ft3
  • $592.00 $562.40
  • 110183Levelogger Edge1, M30/F100, 100 ft3
  • $592.00 $562.40
  • 110184Levelogger Edge1, M100/F300, 300 ft3
  • $592.00 $562.40
  • 110378Levelogger Edge1, M200/F600, 600 ft3
  • $592.00 $562.40

Solinst Barologger Edge

  • Part Number/Description
  • Price
  • 110179Barologger Edge123
  • $306.00 $290.70

Solinst Levelogger Edge Direct Read Cables

Custom lengths are available, call for more information.

  • Part Number/Description
  • Price
  • 10494015 ft direct read cable1 for Levelogger Edge
  • $93.00
  • 10476650 ft direct read cable1 for Levelogger Edge
  • $125.00
  • 104767100 ft direct read cable1 for Levelogger Edge
  • $170.00
  • 104768200 ft direct read cable1 for Levelogger Edge
  • $261.00
  • 105256250 ft direct read cable1 for Levelogger Edge
  • $307.00
  • 104769300 ft direct read cable1 for Levelogger Edge
  • $352.00

Solinst Levelogger Edge Suspension Cables

  • Part Number/Description
  • Price
  • 10240150 ft cable assembly13 for Levelogger Edge, stainless steel
  • $26.00
  • 102402100 ft cable assembly13 for Levelogger Edge, stainless steel
  • $41.00
  • 102403200 ft cable assembly13 for Levelogger Edge, stainless steel
  • $72.00
  • 102404300 ft cable assembly13 for Levelogger Edge, stainless steel
  • $103.00
  • 102405500 ft cable assembly13 for Levelogger Edge, stainless steel
  • $165.00
  • 108965100 ft cable assembly23 for Levelogger Edge, kevlar rope
  • $32.00
  • 108967200 ft cable assembly23 for Levelogger Edge, kevlar rope
  • $52.00
  • 108968300 ft cable assembly23 for Levelogger Edge, kevlar rope
  • $73.00
  • 108969500 ft cable assembly23 for Levelogger Edge, kevlar rope
  • $113.00

Solinst Levelogger Edge Communication Kits

  • Part Number/Description
  • Price
  • 107379Direct read communication kit12 for Levelogger Edge, USB
  • $326.00
  • 110149Optical reader only2 for Levelogger Edge, USB
  • $149.00

Solinst Levelogger Edge Accessories

  • Part Number/Description
  • Price
  • 111939DataGrabber56 for Levelogger Edge
  • $211.00
  • 112123Direct Read to Optical adapter for DataGrabber/App Interface7
  • $72.00
  • 111348Levelogger App Interface46
  • $347.00
  • 1100992″ dual port locking well cap3 for Levelogger Edge
  • $22.00
  • 1102354″ well cap adapter13 for Levelogger Edge
  • $23.00
  • 109609Direct read interface cable for Levelogger direct read cables, USB
  • $177.00
  • 106985Direct read interface cable for Levelogger direct read cables, RS2322
  • $130.00
  • 109033SDI-12 interface cable for Levelogger dirct read cables
  • $280.00

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