Chemical Compatibility of Tubing Materials

A companion reference to our tubing sales section. Use this chart to reference, roughly, the level of compatibility you might expect passing a specific chemical through one of the tubing types available for purchase.

  • 1: Excellent
  • 2: Good
  • 3: Fair
  • 4: Not Recommended
Name Tygon LFL Tygon ST R-3603 PharMed Tygon HC F-4040-A Tygon MH 2075 Tygon SI Silicone Platinum Silicone Peroxide Norprene A-60-G Flurane F-5500-A (Viton)
Acetaldehyde 4 4 4 4 3 3 3 4 4
Acetamide, 67% in w442411124
Acetate Solvents442444424
Acetic Acid, 10% in w111111114
Acetic Acid, 50-60% in w112111124
Acetic Acid, Glacial, 100%442414424
Acetic Anhydride441411114
Acetyl Bromide443444434
Acetyl Chloride443444434
Acetylene Gas111111111
Adipic Acid, 100% in alc442344424
Alcohols General441212214
Aliphatic Hydrocarbons444244442
Allyl Alcohol443114431
Alum, 5% in w111111111
Aluminum Chloride, 53% in w111111111
Aluminum Hydroxide, 2% in w111111111
Aluminum Salts111111111
Aluminum Sulfate, 50% in w111111111
Ammonia Gas111114414
Ammonia, Anhydrous Liquid221224424
Ammonium Acetate, 45% in w111111114
Ammonium Carbonate, 20% in w111111111
Ammonium Hydroxide, 30% in w111314414
Ammonium Hydroxide, 5-10% in w111214414
Ammonium Persulfate, 30% in w111111111
Ammonium Salts111111111
Ammonium Sulfate, 30% in w111111111
Amyl Acetate442444424
Amyl Alcohol444114441
Amyl Chloride443444434
Aniline Hydrochloride443444434
Antimony Salts111111111
Aqua Regia444414444
Aromatic Hydrocarbons444444444
Arsenic Acid, 20% in w113113331
Arsenic Salts111111111
ASTM Reference No.1 Oil443141131
ASTM Reference No.2 Oil444142241
ASTM Reference No.3 Oil444144441
Barium Carbonate, 1% in w111111111
Barium Hydroxide, 5% in w111111111
Benzenesulfonic Acid444444444
Benzoic Acid442344424
Benzyl Alcohol441411111
Bleach Liquor, 22% in w111114411
Borax, 6% in w111111111
Boric Acid, 4% in w111111111
Bromine, Anhydrous Liquid444444444
Butyl Acetate442444424
Butyl Alcohol444114441
Butyric Acid442344424
Calcium Carbonate, 25% in dilute aci111111111
Calcium Chloride, 30% in w111111111
Calcium Hydroxide, 10% in glycerol111411111
Calcium Hypochlorite, 20% in w111114411
Calcium Nitrate, 55% in w111111111
Calcium Salts111111111
Calcium Sulfate, 0.2% in w111111111
Carbon Dioxide, Wet/Dry111111111
Carbon Disulfide444444442
Carbon Monoxide111111111
Carbon Tetrachloride444444444
Carbonic Acid111111111
Castor Oil443121131
Cellosolve Acetate443344434
Chlorine, Dry Gas113134431
Chlorine, Wet Gas224134441
Chloroacetic Acid, 20% in w112411124
Chlorobenzene, Mono, Di, Tri444444444
Chlorosulfonic Acid444444444
Chromic Acid, 10-20% in w221314411
Chromic Acid, 50% in w333424431
Citric Acid, 10-20% in w111111114
Coconut Oil443121131
Corn Syrup111111111
Cottonseed Oil443121131
Cresol (m, o, or p)444312241
Cresylic Acid442344424
Cupric Chloride, 40% in w111111111
Cupric Nitrate, 70% in w111111111
Cupric Sulfate, 13% in w111111111
Cyanhydrique Acide111111114
Detergent Solutions112111121
Dibutyl Phthalate331311111
Diesel Fuel444244441
Diethylene Glycol111111111
Dioctyl Phthalate331311111
Ethyl Acetate442444424
Ethyl Alcohol441212214
Ethyl Benzoate444444444
Ethyl Chloride443444434
Ethyl Ether443344434
Ethylene Bromide444431141
Ethylene Chlorohydrin441212214
Ethylene Dichloride443444434
Ethylene Glycol111111111
Ethylene Oxide111111111
Fatty Acids443232231
Ferric Chloride, 43% in w111111111
Ferric Nitrate, 60% in w111111111
Ferric Sulfate, 5% in w111111111
Ferrous Chloride, 40% in w111111111
Ferrous Sulfate, 5% in w111111111
Fluoboric Acid, 48% in w114414441
Fluorine Gas444444442
Fluosilicic Acid, 25% in w113113331
Formaldehyde, 37% in w444433344
Formic Acid, 25% in w111311111
Formic Acid, 40-50% in w222411123
Formic Acid, 98% in w222411124
Fr¡on 22111111112
Freon 11111111112
Freon 12111111112
Fruit Juice111111111
Fuel Oil444244441
Gallic Acid, 17% in acetone442344424
Gasoline, Automotive444244441
Glucose, 50% in w111111111
Glycolic Acid, 70% in w112111124
Hydrobromic Acid, 100% in w114414441
Hydrobromic Acid, 20-50% in w114114441
Hydrochloric Acid, 10% in w111111111
Hydrochloric Acid, 37% in w112414422
Hydrofluoric Acid, 10% in w114114441
Hydrofluoric Acid, 25% in w114414441
Hydrofluoric Acid, 40-48% in w324414441
Hydrogen Gas111111111
Hydrogen Peroxide, 10% in w111111111
Hydrogen Peroxide, 3% in w111111111
Hydrogen Peroxide, 30% in w111411111
Hydrogen Peroxide, 90% in w442423321
Hydrogen Sulfide111111111
Hydroquinone, 7% in w112112221
Hypochlorous Acid, 25% in w111111111
Hypochlorure de sodium, 5.5% dans111114411
Iodine, 50 ppm in w111111111
Isobutyl Alcohol443114431
Isopropyl Acetate442444424
Isopropyl Alcohol443114431
Isopropyl Ether443344434
Jet Fuel, JP8444244441
Lacquer Solvents442444424
Lactic Acid, 3-10% in w111111114
Lactic Acid, 85% in w442414424
Lard, Animal Fat443121131
Lead Acetate, 35% in w111111111
Lead Salts111111111
Lemon Oil444344441
Linoleic Acid443232231
Linseed Oil443121131
Lubricating Oils, Petroleum444142241
Magnesium Carbonate, 1% in w111111111
Magnesium Chloride, 35% in w111111111
Magnesium Hydroxide, 10% in dil. aci111111111
Magnesium Nitrate, 50% in w111111111
Magnesium Sulfate, 25% in w111111111
Maleic Acid, 30% in w443232231
Malic Acid, 36% in w111111114
Manganese Salts111111111
Mercuric Chloride, 6% in w111111111
Mercuric Cyanide, 8% in w111111111
Mercury Salts111111111
Methane Gas111111111
Methyl Acetate442444424
Methyl Bromide443444434
Methyl Chloride443444434
Methyl Ethyl Ketone444434444
Methyl Isobutyl Ketone444444444
Methyl Methacrylate444444443
Methylene Chloride443444434
Mineral Oil334144441
Mineral Spirits444244441
Motor Oil444144441
Natural Gas111111111
Nickel Chloride, 40% in w111111111
Nickel Nitrate, 75% in w111111111
Nickel Salts111111111
Nickel Sulfate, 25% in w111111111
Nitric Acid, 10% in w111413311
Nitric Acid, 35% in w111414413
Nitric Acid, 68-71% in w444414444
Nitrous Acid, 10% in w111312211
Nitrous Oxide111111111
Oils, Animal443121131
Oils, Essential444344441
Oils, Hydraulic (Phosphate Ester)444144441
Oils, Hydrocarbon444142241
Oils, Vegetable443121131
Oleic Acid443232231
Oleum, 25% in w111212211
Ortho Dichlorobenzene444444444
Oxalic Acid, 12% in w222411124
Ozone, 300pphm111111111
Palmitic Acid, 100% in ether443232231
Perchloric Acid, 67% in w331414411
Phenol, 5-10% in w221111111
Phenol, 91% in w441312211
Phosphoric Acid, <10% in w111113311
Phosphoric Acid, 25% in w111114411
Phosphoric Acid, 85% in w111414411
Phosphorous Trichloride Acid112414422
Photographic Solutions112112221
Phthalic Acid, 9% in alc441312211
Phthalic Anhydride, 9% in alc441411114
Picric Acid, 1% in w114114441
Plating Solutions111414411
Potassium Carbonate, 55% in w111111111
Potassium Cyanide, 33% in w111111111
Potassium Dichromate, 5% in w111111111
Potassium Hydroxide, <10% in w111411111
Potassium Iodide, 56% in w111111111
Potassium Permanganate, 6% in w111111111
Potassium Salts111111111
Propane Gas111111111
Propylene Glycol111111111
Propylene Oxide111111111
Salicylic Acid, 1% in w111111114
Silicone Oils223114431
Silver Nitrate, 55% in w111111111
Skydrol 500A444144441
Soap Solutions112111121
Sodium Acetate, 55% in w111111111
Sodium Benzoate, 22% in w111111111
Sodium Bicarbonate, 7% in w111111111
Sodium Carbonate, 7% in w111111111
Sodium Chlorate, 45% in w111111111
Sodium Chloride, 20% in w111111111
Sodium Cyanide, 30% in w111411111
Sodium Fluoride, 3% in w111111111
Sodium Hydroxide, 10-15% in w111411111
Sodium Hydroxide, 30-40% in w331411111
Sodium Nitrate, 3.5% in w111111111
Sodium Salts111111111
Sodium Sulfates, 3.6% in w111111111
Sodium Sulfide, 13% in w111111111
Stannic Chloride, 50% in w111111111
Stannous Chloride, 45% in w111111111
Stearic Acid, 5% in alc443232231
Styrene Monomer444444443
Sulfur Chloride444414441
Sulfur Dioxide, Dry Gas111211111
Sulfur Dioxide, Wet Gas111211111
Sulfur Trioxide, Wet222422222
Sulfuric Acid, 10% in w111111111
Sulfuric Acid, 30% in w111212211
Sulfuric Acid, 95-98% in w444414441
Sulfurous Acid111111111
Tannic Acid, 75% in w222411124
Tartaric Acid, 56% in w111111111
Thionyl Chloride111211111
Tin Salts111111111
Titanium Salts111111111
Trichloroacetic Acid, 90% in w112411124
Tricresyl Phosphate331311111
Trisodium Phosphate111111111
Urea, 20% in w111111111
Uric Acid111311113
Vinyl Acetate442444424
Water, Deionized111111111
Water, Distilled111111111
Zinc Chloride, 80% in w111111111
Zinc Salts111111111

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