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Our large rental inventory of environmental soil sampling kits are constructed from stainless steel and available in multiple configurations for any application. For our customers who only need part of the kit, just the auger or the sampler portions can be rented. Samplers are available in various sizes with both standard and split core designs. Environmental soil sampling kits include a standard, sand, and mud auger for use in various soils. We also carry a flighted auger kit which includes a rotary hammer.

AMS Flighted Auger Soil Sampling Kit

Flighted Auger Kit with Stainless Steel Soil Core Sampler

AMS Flighted Auger Soil Sampling Kit

This soil sampling rental kit includes a flighted auger for quickly drilling small pilot holes at most angles using the included Bosch rotary hammer. Everything required for soil sampling is included with the exception of caps and liners which are available for purchase in either stainless steel or brass. Pilot holes can be drilled up to a depth of 9 feet, additional extensions are available for greater depths.

Soil Sampling Depth
Up to 9 feet
  • For quickly drilling access holes and sampling
  • Complete kit includes flighted auger and sampler
  • Drills access holes at virtually any angle
  • Includes Bosch hammer drill
  • Includes 1.5″ x 6″ core sampler
  • Includes tools
  • Flighted auger kit contains:
    • Bosch rotary hammer
    • Slide hammer
    • 2″ x 3′ lead auger
    • 2 each 3′ auger extensions
    • 3 each 4′ extension rods
    • 2″ carbide tip
    • 1.5″ x 6″ SS core sampler
    • SDS max drill adapter
    • Universal slip wrench
    • 1″ wrench
    • 2 each 7/8″ wrenches
    • Pelican transport case
    • Total weight 103 lbs
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