Thermo MIRAN SapphIRe

Portable Infrared Ambient Analyzer

The MIRAN SapphIRe portable infrared ambient analyzer can specifically and accurately measure many gases.

The Miran SapphIRe portable infrared ambient analyzer sets itself apart from other types of gas analyzers with the ability to specifically and accurately measure hundreds of different compounds. These IR analyzers can function like portable gas labratories and have many different applications, operating as either a survey tool, or a specific gas monitor.

The optional and very powerful ThermoMatch software, designed for industrial hygienists and emergency response, helps to identify unknown compounds. The software includes the signatures of 150 common compounds and is user expandable, allow operators to include all compounds on the site in their analysis. The process is simple, air is drawn into the Miran SapphIRe and a spectral analysis is performed. Then data is downloaded to an attached PC and the ThermoMatch software provides the analysis. The advantages of this capability are significant. With a laptop, analysis of unknown compounds can be done quickly and in the field, and data is logged for future study. Costly lab fees are no longer neccessary. However, since IR spectrophotometry is non destructive, field analyzed samples can still be sent to a lab.

Using a single beam infrared spectrophotometer, the Miran SapphIRe has a detection time of 20 seconds for a single wavelength, 50 seconds for five wavelengths, and 165 seconds for a complete spectral scan. The pump draws in samples at 14 LPM, and the instrument can run for about 4 hours off of the built in rechargeable NiCd battery. All Miran SapphIRe analyzers come with ThermoConnect software for downloading and analyzing logged data. Analysis of unknown compounds is performed with the optional ThermoMatch software. The Miran SapphIRe comes in three different models and is configured for your applications from the factory.


Designed for users that require a minimum number of applications.


For users who regularly perform similiar tasks, the SL version contains a library of 50 gases and customization capability.


For users who require the ability to measure a wide variety of gases, the XL version contains a customizable library of over 120 single gases.

Thermo MIRAN SapphIRe DL IR Spectrophotometer

Other configurations available, call for details.

  • Part Number/Description
  • Price
  • 205B-DL2A3N1MIRAN SapphIRe DL1
  • Call to Order
  • 205B-DL2A3S1MIRAN SapphIRe DL1, intrinsically safe
  • Call to Order
  • 205B-DL2A4S1MIRAN SapphIRe DL1 with ThermoMatch software, intrinsically safe
  • Call to Order

Thermo MIRAN SapphIRe SL IR Spectrophotometer

Other configurations available, call for details.

  • Part Number/Description
  • Price
  • 205B-SL2A3N1MIRAN SapphIRe SL1
  • Call to Order
  • 205B-SL2A3S1MIRAN SapphIRe SL1, intrinsically safe
  • Call to Order
  • 205B-SL2A4S1MIRAN SapphIRe SL1 with ThermoMatch software, intrinsically safe
  • Call to Order

Thermo MIRAN sapphIRe XL IR Spectrophotometer

Other configurations available, call for details.

  • Part Number/Description
  • Price
  • 205B-XL2A3N1MIRAN SapphIRe XL1
  • Call to Order
  • 205B-XL2A3S1MIRAN SapphIRe XL1, intrinsically safe
  • Call to Order
  • 205B-XL2A4S1MIRAN SapphIRe XL1 with ThermoMatch software, intrinsically safe
  • Call to Order

Thermo MIRAN SapphIRe Calibration Kits

  • Part Number/Description
  • Price
  • 071-5707Closed loop calibration system for MIRAN SapphIRe, 120 VAC
  • Call to Order
  • CR014LNCalibration gas for MIRAN SapphIRe
  • Call to Order

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